Well lets see:
1.its really late/too early for serious thinking
2.lack of patience
3.easy to remember
4.it was available!

However on a serious note,thats who I am…a very common person…
like zillions and trillions of people i like the rains or so i claim…the secret is i like the storm but i feel guilty to admit it for the devastation and distress it causes…not many people seem to appreciate it much…and so i settle for the less controversial much glorified and widely romanticized rain….i love gazing aimlessly …the trouble is somehow its a moral responsibility of friends and family to ask you what you are thinking and its quite a challenge everytime to come up with interesting and lucrative things to tell them…this is where reading the newspaper and watching daily news helps ;)……i hate meeting old acquaintances…i never understand what to say after “how are you?” and “what are you doing now a days”….down with whoever invented small talks….i am not a very big chocolate or ice cream or cake person …but that in a mysterious way seems to affect many people in whose opinion its almost a crime…..get a life people!….i am a student but strictly officially….i have no clue what am good at …am still trying to figure out my ‘gift’….and lately i have a feeling that it didnt quite get delivered at the right address,it just got lost somewhere…..I love reading ….very few people know that i read almost all of sidney sheldon at school…i was completely hooked on to them …. what a shame!…theres worse…love story is the first book that made me cry….i cried for hours….blame the age…. I love music …am crazy about bob dylan…i strongly believe that he wrote ‘to ramona’ for me ….haha…i love my friends but sometimes i have this dark hidden desire to exchange old ones for new but only on a short term basis…:)..i hate cell phones ….whatever happened to a little privacy!..i hate phone conversations….i always have this fear that we will run out of things to talk about and hence whenever i have the faintest feeling that i dont have much to ask or say I make excuses and hang up …it saves both ….its like doing a favor….haha…i love things in order…but ‘things’ exclude my life…i love taking vacations but only in off seasons when the rest of the world is busy working…it adds a sadistic pleasure …i hate making trip plans…for me its a true vacations only if its unplanned…anyway thats pretty much me …a little weird ,a little confused,a little real and a little pretentious…
Well thats not really all but its past 4 and i am sleepy ;P

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